The How & Why of Us

Earning your business: The Yard Ramp Guy fuses old-school values with 21st-century technology to deliver the best solution for your business needs. By “old-school” we mean the basics of business interactions that we utilize daily to earn your trust and your partnership with us.

While others may see these values as quaint, we take them quite seriously, and they continue to provide the foundation for what we believe is the “secret” to our growth and success:

1. Communication

In working with The Yard Ramp Guy, you will enjoy a respectful and continuous flow of communication. During your purchasing process, expect follow ups. While your sale or rental is in process, expect updates and calls between you and the logistics coordinator. Expect a sincere thank you from us.

2. Focus

Time and again we’re asked: “Why only yard ramps?” The answer is as simple as this: There is an unfulfilled niche for economical yard ramps and rental yard ramps; we fulfill the niche. Many of these transactions require a great deal of time, attention to detail and creativity. Expect a commitment from The Yard Ramp Guy that will noticeably differ from the others who have provided you with quotations.

3. Honesty

There are things we cannot control. Yet many sales representatives in any line of work persist in over-promising and under-delivering. The Yard Ramp Guy is very clear on this topic. We are willing to lose the sale before knowingly and deceptively over-promising. Expect to hear what you don’t want to hear from us if that is the truth. The best example is ability to deliver on time. If the factory is typically 7-10 days for production but is running 10-15 days, you will hear 10-15 days UP FRONT.

4. Reciprocity

We treat our prospects like clients and our clients like friends or family. Our vendors are our co-workers. We collaborate with our co-workers, count upon their expertise and listen to their recommendations. You should expect your entire experience with The Yard Ramp Guy to be fair and respectful. Our goal is to earn your business and later earn your willingness to refer The Yard Ramp Guy to others.


We thank you for the opportunity to earn your trust and your business.