The Yard Ramp Guy’s Place in the Flow

YRG Supply Chain
Yard Ramp Guy: Helping the Flow

The term “supply chain” gets tossed around frequently in the business world.

Sometimes we muddle the meaning, with companies using it as a marketing meme to promote an in-the-know posturing.

More frequently, companies and publications utilize “supply chain” for its (more or less) actual definition: how products make their way from the origin point to end-user destination.

For example: a widget company orders raw material from, say, Fargo, to its factory in Chicago. The finished widget is then packaged in bulk and sent to an order fulfillment center in Kansas City, from which we receive our widget in Honolulu. That’s the supply chain—Fargo to Honolulu, via Chicago and Kansas City.

Each “link” in that chain involves factors of logistics, cost, and time, all of which contribute to the cost of our widget.

The Yard Ramp Guy is especially interested in those individual links in the supply chain. And here, we put the process under the microscope.

We often write in the blog about our yard ramps and dock ramps working seamlessly in the background to help optimize and streamline our customers’ business operations. Specifically, we take pride in our inventory—with minimal required maintenance—helping get your inventory from one elevation to another at the locations needing a lift, or a lowering, on your company property.

What does that involve? Most of the time it’s either of two things: a portable yard ramp, easily placed into position or out of the way; or a stationary dock ramp, fixed into position, with no required movement.

Both scenarios place our Yard Ramp Guy inventory as integral parts of your supply chain. If nothing else, our business is about movement and flow.

For your business, that means reduced time to and from the delivery truck, for production, or to and from your warehouse, for shipment to—eventually—the end user.

As always in the manufacturing and industrial world, time is money. We’re honored to help businesses throughout the nation reduce time and save money.

This week, our man McCoy Fields roams Europe and the United States…and finds the outer limits of his freedom to roam.

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