(. . . Hint: It’s Not Money)

Yard Ramp Guy: Saving Time

After nearly ten years in business, we believe it’s time to share a trade secret with you. And it’s one of the best reasons for buying or renting a portable forklift ramp or stationary dock ramp from The Yard Ramp Guy:


There it is, hiding in plain sight.

Picture your business operation without a yard ramp. Your on-loads and off-loads seem okay. You have the driver back the truck close enough to the loading bay. Your forklift operator pivots the pallets from truck to your operation’s bay door. You break apart the pallet and use a hand truck or second forklift to move your goods into position for assembly. There might be a coffee break involved, a reward for a well-done half-job, along the way.

Now picture your business operation with a yard ramp. Example: The driver positions the truck. Your forklift operator pivots the pallet and runs your inventory up the ramp and through the warehouse, right to the spot it needs to be.

No need for a coffee break. you’ve saved time.

Here’s the other secret: time is money. Though you already knew that, yes?

Yard ramps save time. And in doing so, they save money and they optimize your logistics flow. It’s about efficiency.

So, if a business decides to put a forklift ramp into use, the issues become how to make that happen and who to go with. We’re talking about price and customer service. We know The Yard Ramp Guy’s inventory is competitively priced and often unbeatable throughout the industry. In this case, “unbeatable” includes not just the price point; attention to detail through customer services is essential.

Don’t take our word for it. Here’s what the buyer of a new yard ramp for his manufacturing business said about us:

“The experience, from beginning to end, was excellent. All questions and concerns prior to purchase were taken care of. The entire team was precise and professional. Our team was always kept in the loop about where our product was in the production and shipping process. We unloaded and installed ourselves, which was simple and straightforward. Will definitely do business with you all again for any of our current and future warehouses.”

We love the story of John Henry and his lessons of human strength and will.

In our retelling, John Henry uses that same strength and will . . . via an inclined plane.

This week, our man McCoy Fields, gets from Point A to Point Be in record time, though we don’t recommend lunch right before taking this ride.

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