Durability • Affordability • Portability

As The Yard Ramp Guy continues to fulfill the niche in quality yard ramp sales, we see steel yard ramps becoming one of the most sought-after pieces of equipment in the cargo industry. These ramps allow cargo loads to be moved easily from truck to dock door by using a simple forklift. Here are three main reasons why yard ramps are so invaluable:


Steel yard ramps are exceptionally strong and are designed to withstand both harsh weather and heavy loads, and their hardiness will serve your business for up to two dozen years after purchase.

With welded steel construction, they require very little regular maintenance to stay in proper working order. (Remember to use the yard ramp at no more than its largest weight capacity and do not extend it beyond the recommended inclined height.) If your business works in temperatures that dip and remain below freezing in colder months, no problem. Steel ramps are designed to work in harsh winter conditions including ice and snow.


Your businesses can benefit from the affordability of steel yard ramps, which carry a lower price than their aluminum counterparts. Steel yard ramps are quite cost-effective: a new steel yard ramp typically runs about six to fifteen thousand dollars, while buying used will be somewhat less for the ramp and, ideally, considerably less for the freight. If you need a yard ramp for a short-term basis, consider renting a unit from our selection of quality, steel yard ramps.  


Built to load and unload efficiently over a variety of surfaces and environments, our yard ramp portability is perfect for businesses that must remain on the go. In this scenario, you bring the dock to the product, aided by the ease of movement of our steel yard ramps. They’re a great alternative to the permanent loading dock. Using a tow bar and/or yard ramp clamp, you can readily move a steel yard ramp to the location necessary to migrate your shipment. Adding to this versatility, you can place the yard ramp inside your building or outside your dock doors.


Proudly offering creative solutions to help streamline your operations, The Yard Ramp Guy shares its seasoned expertise in providing the right steel yard ramp to help keep your product moving and your employees efficient.