On Portable Yard Ramp Replacement

There are two major reasons to own a yard ramp—efficiency and safety—and they’re intertwined.

We’ve heard many stories over the years from people about their sagging yard ramps, and often they hedge on whether or not to replace them. While we naturally want to win your trust and your business, The Yard Ramp Guy work ethic is motivated by that same efficiency and safety. Everybody wins. That’s the goal…and the ingredients of our success.

We live in a day and age of litigious behavior. So, the question is this: is it worth saving a bad ramp against a potential workman’s comp claim? We’ll answer it with a heartfelt No.

yrgBanner2We also want to strongly encourage you not to have a guy you know build a yard ramp from scratch. He might offer it at a reduced rate, but can he stand behind its safety qualities? Often you’ll see these inferior ramps deteriorate after three-to-four years. (Also keep in mind that some foreign-made yard ramps are constructed with inferior steel—yes, to keep the cost down. They, too, will start to sag sooner than later.)

A quality yard ramp should last 15-20 years. With efficiency and safety topmost in mind, The Yard Ramp Guy supplies only such quality.