Getting from Point A to . . . You

From day one, The Yard Ramp Guy has focused on quality—of clear and honest communication, in inventory, and for cost-benefit of purchases and rentals to our clients. Today, we further pinpoint our commitment to quality through a focus on location.

You’ll frequently see this statement throughout our website:

We strategically locate our storage depots throughout the United States — currently in NJ, PA, VA, FL, OH, GA, TX, MO, CO & CA.
Most of The Yard Ramp Guy’s ramps sit within 250 miles of 90% of the population. This results in considerably reduced delivery and return freight costs.

Let’s say your business is in Atlanta. As of this writing, our nearest ramp on our Live Locator Map, is located in Murfreesboro, TN (about 230 miles away). Well, in terms of freight costs, that’s certainly doable…and probably desirable.

What happens, though, if the specs on that ramp in Tennessee don’t meet your requirements? We say: seek further. Expand your radius. And definitely contact us. (As we also state throughout the site: “Listings update regularly. Still, some available ramps may not be shown. Call us to discuss all ramp purchase and/or rental options.”)

We list our loading dock inventory geographically on the site as a simple way for you to find and identify…and for us to present our stock. The Yard Ramp Guy will always work toward finding a portable loading dock for you that is nearest your location in an effort to reduce your freight cost.

We’re also working on a new interface that will list our inventory by region in addition to listing by state. We think this will add new perspective to your consideration and evaluation of our quality yard ramps for rent and for sale.

Stay tuned to this space for future announcements.