A Magnifying Glass on Growth

In our last blog, we profiled Gary Evonsion and Crest Capital and their fine work in making our yard ramp inventory affordable to companies on tighter budgets.

As a follow up, we keep thinking about one of Gary’s comments during our conversation. “We’ve had more inquiries on opportunities this year than in several previous years combined,” he said.

Business Strategy

Crest Capital finances equipment, software, and vehicles—putting a number of sectors, including manufacturing, into the sweet spot of industries that utilize our yard ramps.

So, what’s happening in manufacturing? One clue comes in a report from our friends at ThomasNet: the unemployment rate in the U.S. manufacturing sector lowered to 3.2 percent in May of 2017, which is its lowest rate in 17 years. For perspective, the national unemployment rate was at 4.3 percent in May.

“We’re seeing a bit less uncertainty in the business climate,” says Gary at Crest Capital. “People realize business is going to push ahead, while business people see that business is going to continue.”

We’ll keep our distance well away from politics. That said, there’s a growing consensus that the prospect of fewer regulations is helping to drive some confidence, particularly in the small business arena.

Crest Capital’s blog, The Lease Guy, offers an even-handed, non-political insight on this situation through a prism of financing and regulations.

Also, and without our delving too deeply into economic theory, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development issues its Business Confidence Index (BCI) on a regular basis. Looking at the G7 countries, there’s not a great amount of disparity among those seven nations. So, on a Western Hemisphere level, the BCI shows us a fairly steady consensus.

All of which helps to bolster our confidence in the current and projected supply-and-demand environment in terms of yard ramps.



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