Helping You Decide on a Mobile Yard Ramp

In our half decade of business as The Yard Ramp Guy and more than 30 years of experience, we know that effective, aggressive companies are always searching for ways to increase productivity and further streamline operations. We certainly approach our own business from this perspective. And because we offer a product and a service that helps enhance other businesses, everybody wins. 

In your considerations for growing your business operations, having the right yard ramp questions can greatly help in determining if you can benefit from one. Understanding a yard ramp’s basic features will help clarify your decision. Here are some common questions and answers about mobile yard ramps. 

What is a mobile yard ramp?

Quite simply, it’s a portable ramp, used by a wide array of industries, to load and unload shipments from delivery trucks, containers and railcars. There are a number of names for this, including portable forklift ramp, portable yard ramp, and portable loading dock. 

Who can benefit from a mobile yard ramp?

A mobile yard ramp benefits any business that handles, on average, as few as one to two loads per month. It provides an excellent solution for businesses without a permanent loading dock or those that experience temporary, seasonal increases in the shipment process. If your facility is over capacity or under renovation, you are a candidate for buying or renting a yard ramp. 

How do I choose between an aluminum and steel ramp?

Your choice of a yard ramp’s construction material typically depends on how you answer this question: In what environment you will be utilizing the yard ramp? 

While the more popular steel yard ramp has a lower price tag, aluminum ramps are generally called for where you anticipate a high salt content in the environment where the yard ramp will be used. 

Which industries use a mobile yard ramp? 

Many industries across all platforms have found that the mobile yard ramp is a productive and useful—and often essential—piece of equipment. Retail and agriculture industries have claimed the yard ramp a necessary tool to assist with their processes. From production and shipment of any given “widget” to logistics for the recycling industry, the mobile yard ramp has become an integral component of business operations. 

Where can a mobile yard ramp be used?

Due to its mobility, a yard ramp can be placed and utilized wherever it is needed. This includes indoor and outdoor scenarios and in virtually any climate. Employing a ramp clamp helps the operator place the yard ramp directly at the end of a dock and/or flush with a truck’s door. 

Are they safe?

When used properly, mobile yard ramps are very safe, both for the forklift operator and for the load itself. Most yard ramps are also equipped with a number of safety features that designed to keep product moving. Safety rails, handrails, and non-slip decking are available or even standard on the best-build yard ramps.