ramp123Location Matters

One of the central goals of The Yard Ramp Guy is to optimize logistics and mitigate yard ramp shipping costs for our clients. We are always looking to arrange some form of combined freight. It’s a creative process that involves a little bit of luck and a good deal of strategy.

We create scenarios where we combine client A’s yard ramp order with Client B’s order destined for another city along the original freight lane.

With a yard ramp going from point A to point B, optimally our equipment will join additional equipment along the way. And the trucking company operates more efficiently by cobbling together a full load, even if the driver is going to a few different cities along the way.

This also works if the additional equipment is not part of our business. The advantage: if a full load is, say, $2,000 from points A to B, and they can pick up the other half along the way, they’re only charging us $1,000. Again, you’re paying less because you’re sharing the load.

For example: we need to get a couple of yard ramps to Orlando, and we also have a customer in Tampa who needs a yard ramp. We put Tampa’s yard ramp on with the other two, and that customer is paying a third of the cost.

We’re able to create that kind of “luck” about 15 percent of the time. Simplifying complexities such ascombined freight is yet another aspect of The Yard Ramp Guy’s approach that differentiates us from the competition.