Helping Ramp Up to Your Decision on Used Yard Ramps

When selecting one of our used yard ramps, know that we purchase our inventory from our customers and other independent sellers. Here are five considerations when shopping for a used yard ramp:

1. Your Application

You may see a ramp near you but if it does not meet the requirements of your need, it might as well be a bicycle.

2. Your Location

You may see the perfect ramp for your application, but if it is geographically undesirable (read: high freight cost), it might as well be grocery cart.

3. Your Budget

thumb_yrg4Used ramps are priced to match the market demand. Before you rule out a ramp because you believe it is priced too high, let’s talk. The Yard Ramp Guy will not only guide you through your selection process, but will present some ideas related to your cash that our competitors are not willing to offer.

4. The Unposted Gem

The Yard Ramp Guy receives several calls per week from sellers of yard ramps. Used ramps typically sell quickly. It is quite possible we have used yard ramps that have not been posted to our site yet.

5. The CarMax™ Model

Did you know CarMax™ supplies 75% of the used cars sold on competitor used lots? They take in an enormous number of used cars but only keep 10% of those vehicles to sell on their own lots. Why? They only keep the very best of the used cars they buy from consumers. The Yard Ramp Guy takes a similar approach. Why? There are only two reasons to own or rent a yard ramp: Efficiency and Safety. A yard ramp in substandard condition eliminates 50% of the value and jeopardizes the ability to achieve the other 50% of the value.