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The Yard Ramp Guy: Used Loading Dock Value

The Yard Ramp Guy team has found that questions establish and drive both conversations and professional relationships. This week, we focus on a sampling of FAQ regarding our excellent inventory of used loading docks:

Is there a risk when buying a used loading dock?

All of our used loading docks are sold “as is.” This scenario is the same with used cars, boats, or other major purchases. Your risk is that an unforeseen defect exists that requires repair. We maintain a very conservative approach to the purchase of used loading docks for sale and rental, and we believe we have significantly limited the risk of a poor purchase by our customers.

Our careful evaluation of used loading docks for safety and efficiency leads to our presenting them in one of five conditions: New, Like New, Excellent, Very Good, and Good. Read this blog for details on these categories.

I found a used loading dock on my own but have no idea if it’s worth what the seller is asking. Can you help?

Well, we wish we could be “The Guy” for every used loading dock bought and sold, though we know this is not possible. That said, we’ll be happy to evaluate any loading dock presented to us and give you our honest opinion of its value.

I found a used loading dock. Will The Yard Ramp Guy give me a finder’s fee for a referral?

ABSOLUTELY! If you refer us to a used portable loading dock seller and we complete a deal for their loading dock, we will gladly send you a check for $222.00, along with our gratitude for contributing to our success.

I expected a used loading dock to be at least half the price of a new ramp. Why do your prices seem high?

As you’ve likely discovered, used loading docks are difficult to find. And good loading docks are even more difficult to find.

The pricing you see posted on our website is the retail value of the unit. When shopping for a loading dock, remember the bottom line. Keep in mind the cost of the loading dock, plus freight. It is not unusual for a used loading dock to cost more than a new ramp if you happen to be close to one of the few reputable yard ramp manufacturers or distribution centers. Still, with many years of use remaining on the used loading docks you see on The Yard Ramp Guy’s site, the value can be outstanding.



Oh, McCoy Fields . . . we’ll never be the first to question your answers (though we reserve the right to be the second):

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