The Yard Ramp GuyYard Ramp Safety for Your Business

A yard ramp provides exceptional value to your business, especially when your shipping and receiving requirements cannot be met at the loading dock. Yard ramps are the perfect tools to help you load and unload semi-trailers and railroad cars quickly and efficiently.

While businesses in remarkably different types of industries employ yard ramps, they all share universal concerns. Safety is deservedly at the top of this list, and it’s of paramount importance to The Yard Ramp Guy.

We assure that every ramp for purchase or rental contains standard safety features. Among these are:

  • Serrated Steel Grating provides extra traction for your forklifts and handcarts, and its open design prevents water and debris from building up.
  • Safety Chains assure that your ramp secures to the dock or truck while in use.
  • Optional Ramp Clamps insert into the swiveling lift loop and is secured by a locking device; these assist the operator in moving the yard ramp over short distances.
  • The optional Tow Bar contains a fast-locking and simple hook-up to the yard ramp, providing practical towing over long distances.

Once you’ve committed to a yard ramp, The Yard Ramp Guy will help you determine specifically why you need the yard ramp, your company’s requirements, the options for delivery, and utilizing the yard ramp in the safest manner possible.

In addition, we’ll explore with you the following questions: What is the maximum weight the yard ramp will need to bear? For how long will your ramps be in use? Do you need your yard ramp to be portable or stationary?

This important discussion will take any mystery out of the equation, helping you receive and put into use your yard ramp smoothly and efficiently—all toward helping streamline and augment your business operations.