Or: There’s No Better Time Than Right Now

A number of factors contribute to your successful rental or purchase of a quality yard ramp, including your specifications and our availability.

The Yard Ramp Guy is here to ask the right questions and clarify in order to pair your needs with our inventory. It’s what we do. That said, we encourage you to set your order into motion at your earliest convenience.

We’re not recommending this in order to make a quick buck; that’s most definitely not what we do. Rather, we want to minimize any disappointment in a potential transaction. And here we’re talking about availability.

If you like a yard ramp, it’s always better to initiate the purchase or rental order straight away.

A Cautionary Tale

Recently, a potential customer requested an on-site inspection. We arranged it. He visited the depot, took a look. In our follow-up call, he said he thought the yard ramp would be just right for his business needs…and he’d get back to us.

Then: radio silence. We understand this. Things happen. Priorities shift for companies on a regular basis. Here’s what happened. Another customer bought that ramp. We contacted him with the news. Of course, he was disappointed.

Granted, this situation is rare. It’s happened a handful of times in the past five years. And we did arrange for a substitute yard ramp with the same specs at a similar price, which resulted in a win-win for everybody.

Our approach and our goal is to never disappoint. We approach potential business proactively, and we strongly encourage you to be proactive, as well.