Just the FAQs on Your Decisions

Used yard ramps provide a terrific solution for businesses wanting to increase productivity while keeping their costs low. This week, we provide insights on the most common questions related to buying and renting used yard ramps: 

Q. I found a used yard ramp. Can I get a finder’s fee for referring The Yard Ramp Guy with the seller?

A. Absolutely! If you refer us to a used yard ramp seller and we complete a deal for their ramp, The Yard Ramp Guy will send you a check for $222.00…with our thanks for contributing to our success.

Q. I found a used yard ramp on my own but have no idea if it is worth what the seller is asking. Can you help?

A. While we wish we could be “the guy” for every used yard ramp that’s bought and sold, we know that is not possible. Still: we’ll be happy to evaluate any ramp presented to us and give you our honest opinion as to its value. 

Q. What is my risk when buying a used yard ramp?

A. All used yard ramps are sold “as is”—no different than used cars, boats, or other major purchases. Your risk is that an unforeseen defect exists that requires repair. Because we take a conservative approach to the purchase of used yard ramps for sale or rental, we believe we’ve limited the risk of a poor purchase by our customers very significantly. 

Q. I expected a used ramp to be at least half the price of a new ramp. Why do the prices seem high?

A. As you probably know from your own research, used yard ramps are difficult to find. Good used yard ramps are even more difficult to find. The pricing you see is the retail value of the unit. When shopping for a yard ramp, it’s important to never forget the bottom line (consider the cost of the ramp plus freight). It is not unusual for a used ramp to cost more than a new ramp if you happen to be close to one of the few reputable yard ramp manufacturers or distribution centers. Still, with many years of use remaining on the used yard ramps you see on our site, the value can be outstanding. 

Q. Do you have additional used ramps not shown on The Yard Ramp Guy site?

A. Quite probably. We try to keep the map updated daily. But we may have potential used ramp opportunities where we are still waiting for photos from the Seller, still working out the pricing or, perhaps, having some work done on the condition of the ramp. We encourage shoppers to call us or Request a Quote.


Still have questions? The Yard Ramp Guy will be happy to discuss and clarify with you.