…With a Focus on Safety

A quality yard ramp is designed—literally and figuratively—to work like a well-oiled machine, with periodic and minimal maintenance to keep it operating optimally. Today, we want to highlight various yard ramp components that work in tandem to make a yard ramp what it is: 

HydraulicHydraulic Pump

Two hydraulic cylinders allow smooth and quick rising of the yard ramp’s front lip to your desired height. Simply open the release valve to safely lower the unit into place. The pump is mounted internally to protect from damage.




steelboxSteel Box

This is a tubular steel box undercarriage assembly. It includes 18” wheels with solid rubber and a pneumatic profile for easy positioning. For stationary docks, choose 30’ or 36’ without the wheel assembly.




serratedSerrated Grating

This provides excellent traction for your forklift. The open design prevents buildup of water and debris, while the low end approach plate gives maximum support and smooth transition onto the ramp.




chainsSafety Chains

Simple yet essential: standard safety chains hold your yard ramp securely to the trailer or the dock. 




clampRamp Clamp

The optional ramp clamp assists your operator in moving the yard ramp over short distances. Your forklift tine inserts into the swiveling lift loop and is secured by a locking device.




towbarTow Bar

The optional tow bar features a fast-locking, easy hook-up to the yard ramp, which makes towing over long distances practical.