Long-Term Cornering of the Short-Term Market

Concluding our series on the challenges related to short-term rentals, The Yard Ramp Guy shows how we offer—and maintain—our competitive advantage, which is truly unique to the industry.

∞ Challenge #3: Availability; others claim they rent, but don’t.

This challenge really applies to any form of yard ramp rental. Many companies claim they rent ramps when they really don’t; or, they do not maintain a readily available fleet of ramps.

Why do they do this? It is just a marketing ploy. “Hey! We rent ramps. Call us!” Then you call and they say, “I’m sorry, we don’t have any ramps available for rent. But I can sell you a ramp!” You cannot imagine the number of times I’ve had prospects say to me, “You know you are the only guys that actually have a ramp to rent?!”

√ Solution to Challenge #3: The Yard Ramp Guy owns the rental market for yard ramps.

The Yard Ramp Guy keeps a number of ramps scattered throughout the continental United States. Ramp inventory can be seen at Nkio_AlZQapMh6swsRRPDWafXU93OiGCMxG-lBr2uPUwww.YardRampGuy.com. The availability dates for rental ramps are posted within the detail section of each ramp.

For others, promoting ramp rentals is nothing more than a meaningless marketing strategy. For The Yard Ramp Guy, renting yard ramps is what we do. We are committed to our niche and proud of the fact that yard ramps are all we do. This keeps us focused and gives us fair claim to being the true experts in the area of yard ramp sales and rentals.

In summary, it is fair to claim The Yard Ramp Guy is the only company in the United States ready and able to work with customers on short-term rentals.