Serrated Grating is a Great Idea

Virtually all of our portable loading dock features include serrated grating. In our view, serrated grating is terrific, and for a number of reasons.

Our man McCoy Fields—the only person more passionate about yard ramps than we are—has plenty to say about the intricacies of grating. (Check out his blog entry HERE.) And to build on his fine perspective, today we call attention to a couple of seemingly simple yet essential factors.

The Flow

We’ve all seen the effects of leaves, twigs, and other debris that clutter up our guttering systems. The hole gets clogged. Water backs up. The gutter overflows. And while gutters are gutters, very similar principles apply to grating.

Especially if you are deploying your portable loading dock outdoors exposing it to the elements, serrated grating across and along the main body becomes an essential design factor. The matrix of steel (sometimes aluminum) and open space allows for easy flow of water directly through the holes and quick removal of debris.

The Weight

Even with welded joints, a portable loading dock with serrated grating optimally distributes the weight of both your forklift and your load.

If you factor in weight on the wear and tear of different components (like wheels, ramp clamps, etc.), less is always more.