The Most Up-to-Date Yard Ramp Listings

We’re particularly proud of our Live Locator Map that is among the many exciting features of our newly redesigned website.themap

With this fluid and intuitive map, you can find our most recent postings of available yard ramps and portable loading docks throughout the country. We’ve color-coded them—red pins for our rental inventory, black for used inventory, and green for our partner manufacturing plants.

Also, within each individual Live Locator listing, we provide a hyperlink to take you to that particular page on our site for complete specs.

Our Yard Ramp Locator Map provides a visual scope of our inventory. Yes, location matters: we’ve positioned the majority of our yard ramps within 250 miles of 90% of the population in the continental United States.

As great as we believe the technology is, we’re also grateful that computers have not (yet) reached consciousness. Which means that some available yard ramps may not (yet) be shown. And so, we encourage you to contact us to discuss all rental or purchase options.

While The Yard Ramp Guy is not really prone to gratuitous endorsements, we’re more than happy to give credit where it’s due. In this instance, we’re especially pleased with the team at eSpatial and the service they’re providing.

eSpatial has built its service on top of a foundation of Google Maps, which was one of the major factors in our choosing them. Most people are at least familiar and comfortable with Google Maps. It seemed only natural, then, and a good fit, to take advantage of that angle and tailor it for our purposes.

The map interface is exceptionally easy to set up, access, and modify. The changes appear in real time. And our Yard Ramp Locator Map displays as readily on a desktop as it does on a laptop, smartphone, and tablet device.

From our research, The Yard Ramp Guy is the only company in the industry providing this service. That said, we’re not resting on our laurels. In the coming months, we intend to further optimize your Live Locator Map experience. Stay tuned…