Quality Forklift Ramps to Optimize Your Business

When it comes to loading and unloading, nothing beats a good forklift. However, you’ll need to have the right forklift equipment to make the most of those tools. The Yard Ramp Guy is proud to offer the widest selection of top-quality steel yard ramps in the industry, ideal for:

  • Loading and unloading freight from trailers
  • Loading and unloading freight from railcars
  • Loading and unloading freight on docks

Benefits of Forklift Ramps

bb_yrm208435-nv-lasvegas_fullsideview_optwmIndustrial forklifts are built to only really be stable on flat surfaces. That means when you need to get a forklift to a higher surface, you need to be very picky about the forklift ramp you choose to get the job done. Whether you get a new or used forklift ramp, you need to make sure that you are taking into account all the information necessary to make the right choice.

A forklift ramp is designed to have the just the right amount of incline to allow forklifts to get to a higher surface while remaining stable. Generally, a new or used forklift ramp will be built out of non-corrosive metals, and will be specifically designed to withstand heavy loads. The elevated structure is supported by pillars and crossbeams for maximum support. You may even be able to find a forklift ramp with hand levers or hydraulic pumps that allow you to change the height of the lift.

Some caution must be exercised with your new or used forklift ramp. For example, because forklifts are compact, they are vulnerable to tipping, especially when in tight situations like on a ramp. That is why you need to select a forklift ramp that has a gradual incline. This gradual progression to the necessary height protects your employees and your valuable machinery, not to mention the material you are transporting from place to place.

Forklift ramps are made primarily of either steel or aluminum.   Functionality is key when deciding on which fits your needs.  You may be surprised to hear that regardless of the vast differences between these two metals, a forklift ramp made of either metal is approximately the same price most of the time. With negligible price differences, you need to consider functionality. Aluminum yard ramps are lighter and less durable; if you are not moving incredibly heavy equipment, it may be a good choice. On the other hand, a steel yard ramp is heavier, which makes it less mobile. It is also built to last, and will survive for many more years than an aluminum product.

You may also want to consider the difference between a mobile ramp and a fixed ramp. A mobile ramp is designed to be easily transported from place to place, while a fixed ramp will stay put in a particular location where forklifts often load and unload trucks. With a little investigation, you can find the perfect ramp for your situation.

Keep driver safety in mind when you buy your next forklift ramp. You can find the best designs at YardRampGuy.com when you purchase a used forklift ramp.