The House That (Pallet) Jack Built

YRG Integrity
Ramp, Forklift, Pallet

We have a riff on a classic show tune in our distribution network listings:

What good is moving a pallet or two?

Come move your whole stock today

Life is a good yard ramp, old chum

Get a yard ramp today.

Catchy, yes. We’re confident you’ll whistle that tune for a bit. Behind the rhyming, though, there’s a projection of how businesses use our yard ramps, and this got us thinking about the entire arc of a freight movement.

Let’s say you have—or need—a quality yard ramp to optimize the loading and offloading of your product. You determine your requirements, including the average and maximum capacity of a loaded forklift, the width of your forklift’s wheels, and the right length of the ramp. (The Yard Ramp Guy team is well-versed in asking the right questions to help identify and confirm your specifications.)

That scenario is informed by the ease of access to your loading dock, the amount of real estate you have to maneuver your deliveries, and the height of your loading bay. All of which will determine whether you need a portable or stationary loading dock.

And let’s say that a forklift is your most efficient vehicle for moving your inventory. There is an impressive variety of forklifts in circulation. While they share mobility and strength, these machine feature design modifications to fit particular applications.

Usually on top of that—and literally so—sits your collection of pallets. Pallets have near-universal appeal for their practicality. Typically made of wood, they benefit your business through their strength and relative lightness of weight. (Yes, you can now make and disassemble and repurpose your pallets.)

As The Big Lebowski said, “This rug I had…it really tied the room together.” That’s where, we believe, your yard ramp serves as a constant in the equation: able to tie your workflow together, all without complaint, with minimal maintenance, for months (rental) or years (purchase) to come.



Oh, McCoy Fields Sometimes we strike gold:

Slump? I ain’t in no slump. I just ain’t hitting.Yogi Berra