The YRG Before and After

YRG Safety
YRG Safety: Before, During & After

We’ve spotlighted safety issues a number of times in this space. Proactive and reactive attention to a secure portable loading dock is the surest way to keep our equipment working steadily so that it doesn’t need attention or inordinate maintenance time.

More importantly, a secure loading dock protects your employees and minimizes workman’s comp scenarios that can be detrimental to the health of both people and your business.

The underlying goal here is providing our customers with as much information as possible to make the right decisions in terms of placement, movement, attachment, and storage of a loading dock.

That’s why you’ll see—throughout both our website and our blog—references to components, including Safety Chains, Serrated Grating, and Ramp Clamps.

And that’s why, when we saw a customer photo showing a potentially dangerous placement of casters (sitting on the ground), we immediately made a call to alert them.

At The Yard Ramp Guy, we’re also interested in what happens to your materials before and after utilizing our loading docks. The material handling industry continues to innovate.

For example, Southworth Products offers The PalletPal Roll-On with Turntable, a seemingly improved mousetrap for loading and unloading pallets. With hydraulics, you are able to raise and lower the platform while stacking a load, which provides a uniform height to your team for loading and unloading.

Sometimes brilliance rests in simplicity. Wildeck produces End-of-Aisle Rack Protectors, designed to guard corners from forklift impacts, which could result in falling materials.

Finally, we think the ability to see your inventory clearly just might be more important than the inventory itself. With that in mind, 3M has invented SecureFit Eyewear—goggles that are anti-scratch, anti-fog, and something they call Pressure Diffusion Temple Technology (a very fancy term for a secure and comfortable fit).

Yes, in order to make an omelet, you need to break a few eggs. That said (and especially if you’re in the business of delivering actual eggs), the best and safest approach is to let the end user be the only chef in the kitchen.



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