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After you submit your contact information via this form, please send us a set of photos of your ramp that are similar to the sample set, below—in jpg format, please, and as attachments (not in the body of your email). The better your photos, the easier it is to sell. Send as many photos as you feel presents your ramp best. Send your yard ramp photos directly to:

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How Our Brokerage Service Model Differs from Competitors

The Yard Ramp Guy made a business model decision critical to successfully dominating the used yard ramp marketplace: We decided to partner with Sellers rather than haggle with them. It changed the dynamic completely.

We know we will work hard for our money on selling your ramp. It is not unusual to quote a used ramp to a dozen or more prospects over several months' time. While some used ramps sell before we even have a chance to post them to our site, some just don’t get snapped up as quickly as we’d like. We handle everything – the quote preparation including obtaining freight quotes, off-loading considerations and follow-ups with the prospects.

So instead of shooting you an insulting and time-wasting offer for your ramp, we share with you the market value based on our appraisal and the geographical location of your ramp.

We will make a recommendation for what we believe the asking price should be for your ramp and together we agree upon the asking price. We’ll discuss and agree upon sales negotiating strategy. And we will split the final sale price – 70% for you, 30% for The Yard Ramp Guy.

Not one time has a seller suggested our offer is anything but fair and attractive.

Our competitors say we are nuts for leaving as much cash on the table as we know we do. But we know what our numbers show. A used ramp is a single commodity item. We can work hard for our 30% and enjoy the profit from our effort...or we can lose out on more opportunities than we could ever count. We'll leave that way of doing business to our competitors.


Here's an example of a great set of photos to showcase a ramp (click to enlarge):



To test the hydraulic system, tie a weight to a string and hang from the top edge of ramp. Pump ramp as high as it will go. Measure distance of weight to the ground. After 24 hours, measure the distance of the weight to the ground. If ramp has not held at highest point, hydraulic system requires regular maintenance (minimum) or repair (replacement of gaskets—moderate; replacement of cylinders or motor—maximum). The condition of your ramp's hydraulic system only informs us as to the best way to market and price the unit.


Loading the ramp is the responsibility of Seller. Ramps typically require either one 8K-lb capacity forklift or two 4K-lb capacity forklifts to load to a flatbed. The Yard Ramp Guy will research and negotiate for a nearby heavy-duty wrecker service to load ramp should seller not have their own safe means of loading.

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