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Steel Dock Board Model T: 15,000 Capacity

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Product Details

Model T: 15,000 lb Capacity

Model T utilizes locking pins for secure placement and comes with lifting loops.

Pallet Truck / Elec Forklift
Propane Forklift
15T6048 $2,000.00 5" 7" 60" 48" 408 lbs
15T6060 $2,408.00 7" 9" 60" 60" 487 lbs
15T6072 $2,723.00 8.5" 11" 60" 72" 568 lbs
15T6084 $3,196.00 10" 13" 60" 84" 650 lbs
15T7248 $2,272.00 5" 7" 72" 48" 480 lbs
15T7260 $2,746.00 7" 9" 72" 60" 583 lbs
15T7272 $3,020.00 8.5" 11" 72" 72" 688 lbs
15T7284 $3,395.00 10" 13" 72" 84" 793 lbs
15T7296 $3,768.00 12" 15" 72" 96" 899 lbs
15T8448 $2,610.00 5" 7" 84" 48" 544 lbs
15T8460 $3,193.00 7" 9" 84" 60" 660 lbs
15T8472 $3,427.00 8.5" 11" 84" 72" 777 lbs
15T8484 $3,872.00 10" 13" 84" 84" 895 lbs
15T8496 $4,315.00 12" 15" 84" 96" 1,014 lbs
Model T: 20,000 lb Capacity

The Difference

Dock Plates are rectangles of steel or aluminum with some type of locking leg and either hand hole or handles to move them. Plates are NEVER for power equipment. They are ideal for hand truck and pallet jack traffic … manually moved. They offer the lightest and most cost effective answer to your loading / unloading challenges.

Dock Boards are like plates but with the addition of structural components above the plate (curbs) and sometimes on the underside as is the case with rail boards. There are different types of locking devices from fixed legs to drop pins or locking rings. Dock Boards are for forklift and other vehicle traffic. They are best specified by an expert who can take all aspects of your application into consideration. With the correct dock board you can expect SAFETY – LONGEVITY – PRODUCTIVITY.

Aluminum vs Steel Dock Equipment

Aluminum Dock Plates often make sense because of the lighter capacity and the need to manually move the dock plate.

Aluminum Dock Boards are the best choice for certain applications that take advantage of aluminum properties. For the same rated capacity, the boards are considerably lighter than steel. Aluminum is ideal for applications where sparking is a concern. Additionally, aluminum does not rust to the same extent that steel does, making it an excellent choice for corrosive environments.

Steel Dock Boards are the better alternative for higher capacity applications. Steel is much more durable with a longer lifespan. Also, for the same capacity, steel boards tend to be less expensive.

ANSI Standard: Bluff tests its dock boards and dock plates to ensure they perform in accordance with the ANSI standard.

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