1. Seller and The Yard Ramp Guy agree upon an Asking Price.
  2. The Yard Ramp Guy posts the ramp for sale under “Used Yard Ramps” at no cost to Seller.>
  3. All inquiries, quotes, price negotiations and transaction details are handled by The Yard Ramp Guy.
  4. Seller understands The Yard Ramp Guy is acting in the mutual benefit of Seller and The Yard Ramp Guy.
  5. Seller agrees to a Handshake arrangement with The Yard Ramp Guy. If a buyer comes along that The Yard Ramp Guy had no part in pursuing ⏤ and Seller works out a deal that is better for them ⏤ we only ask that you let us know the ramp is no longer available. (Our parents and grandparents got to do handshake deals all the time. When was the last time you got to do it? I love this part of my business!)

Consummation of Sale:

  1. Buyer is required to pay The Yard Ramp Guy in full prior to shipment.
  2. Upon receipt of payment from Buyer, The Yard Ramp Guy will direct deposit payment to Seller for their 70% share of the final sale price. If there were seller-related expenses paid out by The Yard Ramp Guy, such expenses will be deducted from Seller’s share. Seller will be aware of any reductions in advance of receiving payment from The Yard Ramp Guy.