Frequently Asked Questions






What is my risk when buying a used yard ramp?
I found a used yard ramp. Can I get a finder's fee for referring The Yard Ramp Guy with the seller?
I found a used yard ramp on my own but have no idea if it is worth what the seller is asking. Can you help?
I expected a used ramp to be at least half the price of a new ramp. Why do the prices seem high?
Do you have additional used ramps not shown on The Yard Ramp Guy's site?
Will I get a firm offer?
Can I post my ramp on your site to sell it myself?
How does the For-Sale-by-Owner arrangement work?
How does the Ramp Broker arrangement work?
What determines the value of my ramp?
How do I sell a ramp?
How does the Re-Seller arrangement work?
If my Rental Agreement is for two months, but I need it longer, what do I do?
Am I permitted to pickup and return the ramp myself or through my preferred carrier?
Who is responsible for repairs?
When will my ramp arrive?
How do I rent a ramp?
What Are The 3 Considerations When Renting a Yard Ramp?
How does The Yard Ramp Guy sell new ramps for less than the factory?
Why does The Yard Ramp Guy feature only two yard ramp manufacturers?
Where do I find lifting straps for my forklift to off-load or load a yard ramp?
How does a 30' ramp with a 6' level off differ from the 36' in terms of limitations?
With a ground-to-dock forklift ramp, how do you keep the unit from moving or slipping?

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