The Art of Mobile Yard Ramp Transport

Getting There

The Yard Ramp Guy delivers yard ramps. This might sound simple to our potential clients and be something expected by our existing clients. Yet, when you place an order, we deliver—literally—and always look at optimal logistics to reduce costs strategically for your optimal mobile yard ramp transport.

16sys8436l-c-15-PAAs a small fraction of our clients have the ability to pick up their own yard ramps, one of the major factors in our ability to provide such excellent service across the continent resides in our professional relationship and smooth communication with transportation companies.

For example, The Yard Ramp Guy has a superb working relationship with NATCO—North American Transport Concepts. We reached out to them about four years ago, very much liked their approach, and have been working closely with them ever since. And when we say NATCO, we’re talking about Cori Eckley, NATCO’s Vice President.

When we’re looking to sell or rent a ramp, we contact Cori, or a member of her team, for a quote on delivery. Later, after contracting with the client, we issue a detailed purchase order to NATCO including points-of-contact names and numbers at the pickup and delivery sites. Cori then takes over the entire process.

bluff-ground-to-truck1The Yard Ramp Guy considers NATCO to be co-workers in a “logistics department” and entrusts them to engage directly with our clients. They are give full authority to make decisions on behalf of The Yard Ramp Guy, if necessary. NATCO is copied on key emails to the client, most particularly our “Yard Ramp Arrival Information” email which includes a copy of the yard ramp manual and off-load instructions.

Cori then contacts the receiver, verifies the information, and confirms the specific dates and times. Once NATCO facilitates the equipment, they’ll update us and let us know when they’ve successfully completed the delivery.

Says Cori, “We’ve seen The Yard Ramp Guy business expand into new and used equipment. Watching this evolve has been fun because we’ve also evolved along the way.

“Service is a key indicator to their business. We really appreciate the way The Yard Ramp Guy is able to find solutions for clients. They think outside the box, and they look for the best avenue to meet their clients’ needs.”

Simply put: The success we’ve enjoyed is rooted in personalizing the professional experience we have with our vendors.

Safely Transporting a Portable Yard Ramp

Hitching a Ride the Right Way

A portable yard ramp travels best by flatbed. Occasionally customers ask why they can't put the yard ramp inside a container truck. Well, you can, though it's extremely cumbersome, is difficult to load and off-load and it's dangerous because you can’t strap it down securely enough; container trucks are just not made that way. You don't want a yard ramp bashing out the sides of your 18-wheeler as it’s going down the highway. 

upAlso, yard ramps are not typically road worthy. Though they have tires, those are designed for maneuvering around a yard—to a dock or to the back of a truck for loading/off-loading—optimally, we’re looking at a couple hundred yards. 

(Occasionally we will have the a rural area user, who will move a yard ramp longer distances at, say, four miles an hour. We don’t encourage this.) 

Therefore, we don’t hitch a portable yard ramp to the back of a truck and pull it down the highway. So, they travel by flatbed. 

Depending on the specs of the ramps, we can ship up to four ramps on the same flatbed. They will fit, provided any given load contains all ramps of the same width. They do not necessarily need to be the same length because they'll travel on their sides. The width becomes height once loaded on their sides. Because each ramp is the same width, they can be strapped down uniformly and safely. 

Some might dispute whether it is absolutely necessary that each ramp be the same width. The argument is that with proper dunnage placed between ramps along with proper strapping, ramps of different widths can safely load together. Generally it's not recommended. Odd situations are turned over the engineers who make the final determination as to whether an off-set load will be safe.

Yard Ramp Customer Service: Update

cart1Update to "Above and Beyond"

In a recent blog we detailed how The Yard Ramp Guy goes above and beyond, both for our clients and those who may not even become our customers. The personal touch and connection with people motivates us to provide the best yard ramp customer service.

In this particular situation, a woman with a company that manufactures specialty vehicles wanted to rent a yard ramp—for literally a couple of hours—to load a custom-designed cart to a container truck for transport from Granbury, TX to Seattle, WA. Even though I knew straight away that a yard ramp rental from us would not be cost effective for her, we brainstormed a do-it-yourself workaround. She was thrilled with the ideas, and I asked her to let me know how it worked out.

Well, Georgeanna of Big Dog Custom Carts of Texas has responded and was kind enough to send a couple of photos. The custom-built pallet worked out great; the on-load, the transport, and the off-load went smoothly; and their client was thrilled to receive the golf cart with not so much as a scratch!

Total cost: a few hundred dollars, as opposed to a few thousand, including lockdowns, straps, hooks, and lumber. They even built customized wheel chocks in front and behind the tires, to doubly ensure no movement while on the pallet.

Another example of The Yard Ramp Guy helping the customer develop better ideas, which leads to better, stronger relationships.


Problem Solving: Short-term Yard Ramp Rentals, Part III

Long-Term Cornering of the Short-Term Market

Concluding our series on the challenges related to short-term rentals, The Yard Ramp Guy shows how we offer—and maintain—our competitive advantage, which is truly unique to the industry.

∞ Challenge #3: Availability; others claim they rent, but don’t.

This challenge really applies to any form of yard ramp rental. Many companies claim they rent ramps when they really don’t; or, they do not maintain a readily available fleet of ramps.

Why do they do this? It is just a marketing ploy. “Hey! We rent ramps. Call us!” Then you call and they say, “I’m sorry, we don’t have any ramps available for rent. But I can sell you a ramp!” You cannot imagine the number of times I’ve had prospects say to me, “You know you are the only guys that actually have a ramp to rent?!”

√ Solution to Challenge #3: The Yard Ramp Guy owns the rental market for yard ramps.

The Yard Ramp Guy keeps a number of ramps scattered throughout the continental United States. Ramp inventory can be seen at The availability dates for rental ramps are posted within the detail section of each ramp.

For others, promoting ramp rentals is nothing more than a meaningless marketing strategy. For The Yard Ramp Guy, renting yard ramps is what we do. We are committed to our niche and proud of the fact that yard ramps are all we do. This keeps us focused and gives us fair claim to being the true experts in the area of yard ramp sales and rentals.

In summary, it is fair to claim The Yard Ramp Guy is the only company in the United States ready and able to work with customers on short-term rentals.

Short-term Yard Ramp Rentals, Part II: Problem Solved

The Short-Term Yard Ramp Rentals Truck Stops Here

Continuing our series on the challenges related to short-term yard ramp rentals, here we describe The Yard Ramp Guy approach to the complexities of logistics and in-the-field responsibility.

∞ Challenge #2: Accountability; or, who’s the real customer?

22mapShort-term yard ramp rentals are significantly more time-consuming to manage than a long-term rental of 1-6 months. Short-term rentals typically involve multiple individuals within each of multiple companies involved in the project. Adding to all of the confusion this can create, the majority of these short-term rentals involve contracts for off-site use. It is common that the use site is not the end-user's location. Instead, the ramp is needed at an arena, stadium, fairground or for property moves. By design, nobody's going to be there when the event is over.

So what happens? Our 3rd-party freight broker hires their 3rd-party carrier to pick up our ramp. The independent driver shows up to the empty parking lot of a massive stadium and is lucky if he can find the ramp, let alone a point-of-contact to assist.

√ Solution to Challenge #2: The Yard Ramp Guy motivates all involved to be accountable for their role.

The accountability challenge is the primary reason why competitors elect NOT to enter the rental ramp niche and, most particularly, the short-term yard ramp rentals ramp niche within the niche.

This is where we have to take the bull by the horns because it is in everyone’s best interests. We require a definitive “Customer” to be clearly designated as the responsible party for the rental contract and ultimately the ramp. We also require a definitive “Point-of-Contact” to be designated as the responsible party for the ramp at the actual use site.

Customer must be the person who pays us. They are also required to put down an additional 100% refundable Ramp Return Deposit. Since we have implemented the Ramp Return Deposit, every short-term rental has gone from payment to delivery to return without a single hiccup. Each Ramp Return Deposit has been fully refunded.

Point-of-Contact must be the person physically receiving the ramp and physically attending to the ramp’s departure.

Coming up next week: “Availability; Others Claim They Rent, but Don’t.”