Eccentric Yard Ramps

Honoring the Sand Pad

The Yard Ramp Guy: Sand Pads
Well, we could arrange delivery.

When we posted an All-Steel Yard Ramp with Sand Pads, it gave our web guy pause. He paused on the sand pads. We forgive him; he knows not.

Internet research brought up a number of possibilities for “sand pads,” including:

  • The proper name for a beach house rental in northern Oregon.
  • Certain sand pads (aka “sander pads”) used to smooth surfaces before painting.
  • Areas created for people to stand and observe so they don’t trample on things during visits to nature conservation areas.
  • Our favorite: the SandPad, providing “a wider base of stability than normal crutch cane or walker tips to support a user’s weight for easy travel without sinking into sand, grass, gravel or snow.”

Most of these alternatives speak to mobility—easier application of paint, free movement in a specific area without disrupting the environment, and better negotiation of otherwise inaccessible or exceptionally challenging territory.

As applied to yard ramps, the definition is a fairly simple and straightforward. For our purposes, sand pads are square, flat plates of steel. Customers use these on ramps that are literally going to be used in a stationary capacity, though not at a dock. Rather, they’re best put to work in, say, a field or in the middle of a recycling center’s lot.

A yard ramp with sand pads provides a fitting option to tires, especially when you have no need to secure it to a loading dock. It typically has an incline to accommodate your forklift moving from one service range to another.

And whether serving in sand or in a cornfield, the sand pad performs with greater stability than a tire and will prevent your yard ramp from getting stuck or sinking into the softer ground.

Rare, yes, though not unprecedented.

A yard ramp with sand pads. Another example of the breadth of our inventory. Need a custom solution for your application? We readily handle that.

It seems that our man McCoy Fields has just turned his house into Jurassic Park. And it has something to do with kitty litter. We kid you not.

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Honoring Industry Partners

Our Above & Beyond Appreciation

Ace Wrecker Service in Action

When we thank you for the opportunity to earn your business, that’s not an empty catchphrase. Rather, it’s our guiding principle. In our experience, business works best when trust, not profit, takes priority.

Time and again, we’re honored by our association with customers, vendors, and manufacturers.

Which brings us to Hurricane Florence, which struck the Carolinas in early September of this year. Florence caused at least 55 deaths and some $17 billion in damage. It is the wettest storm ever recorded in North and South Carolina.

The Yard Ramp Guy strategically places its depots across the United States, giving us the ability to shorten delivery time and reduce transport costs for our customers. One such depot is with Ace Wrecker Service in Wilmington, NC. We also contract with them for loads and off-loads for transactions mostly within a hundred-mile radius of their location.

As Hurricane Florence bore down on the Carolina coast, the governor encouraged evacuations. That was followed by a series of voluntary and mandatory evacuation orders, depending on location, as informed by the weather forecast.

At the same time, a Yard Ramp Guy customer needed a ramp delivered from Wilmington to Florida, and we scheduled transport to pick it up.

Because so many people were evacuating, and with the resulting volume of traffic on the roads, our carrier called Ace Wrecker Service to report that he was delayed.

Ace said, We’ll wait for you.

Our carrier arrived. He loaded the ramp onto his flatbed, secured it with straps, and took off for Florida.

If the traffic congestion and impending weather would have created imminent danger, we know that the scheduling would have been delayed or cancelled. Because we would have insisted upon it. And, without complaint, we would have found an alternate solution for our customer in Florida. As it happened, the timing was good enough to assure a safe pickup.

The aftermath for people and businesses in the Carolinas was another story. In the wake of Florence, all that rain and storm surge created floodwaters that cut off Wilmington from the mainland for a time.

Our gratitude to the team at Ace for going above and beyond.

This week, our man McCoy Fields has discovered that it took 2,000 years to build a canal, and he's just a bit impatient about the whole matter.

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Dominating Yard Ramp Rentals

Quantity Melds with Quality

YRG Depots
The Yard Ramp Guy: Across the Nation

Straight to the point: We are, proudly, the only company in the United States offering yard ramp rentals in the United States

Our Rent Now listings describe real, actual yard ramps. Currently, two-thirds of our listings are available for immediate delivery, with the balance becoming available some days or a few weeks from now.

There are other companies that encourage you to phone them for a quotation; they do not maintain a fleet of available ramps for rent and will typically attempt to turn the conversation into a sales pitch for a new yard ramp.

Our interest and our bottom line: working with you to secure a yard ramp scenario that’s right for your business, not ours.

With that in mind, we strategically position our yard ramps by locating most of our inventory within 90% of the U.S. continental population. (And let’s not forget our recent delivery to Hawaii.) That’s for everyone’s benefit: this strategy reduces freight costs and results in faster delivery times for our customers.

Why rent? If your business has seasonal needs, an outright purchase might not be in your best interest. And, naturally, if a purchase is not within budget right now, the rental scenario would help reduce your expenses (though we encourage you to review our financing option for purchases).

A rental also allows you to kick the tires—literally (if you’re renting a mobile yard ramp) and figuratively (for a stationary dock ramp)—to determine how the equipment benefits your operations.

Keep in mind that the longer you rent, the cheaper your monthly payment will usually be.

Contact us to begin the process. We thank you for the opportunity to earn your business.

Loading Dock Evaluation: The Rust Factor

It Never Sleeps

There’s more to the picture than meets the eye.

—Neil Young

Yard Ramp: October 2017
October 2017

Yard Ramp: June 2018
The Same Yard Ramp: June 2018

The two photos above are of the same yard ramp. It has a 20,000-lb capacity with 84” width and 36’ length.

We took the photo on the left in October 2017. The photo on the right? June 2018. Why does October look okay and June look, well, rusty? What happened in those eight months?

Actually, not much. Between last fall and the beginning of this summer, it traveled on rental from Tampa to St. Cloud in central Florida and back again. The yard ramp remains a workhorse, and we proudly present it in inventory. Central Florida is known for being quite humid.

As we’ve explored in a previous entry, rust is a result of oxidation. Exposure to the elements—swings in temperature, humidity levels, the cycles of rain and sunshine—all contribute to that oxidation.

That is: rust is expected. For a new yard ramp, rust will begin to appear some three months after final production. This is completely natural and not a remote concern—for the manufacturer, for the customer, for us.

Steel is a combination of mostly iron and carbon and is one of the strongest metals known. Unless and until the rust completely works through a piece of steel, with structural features showing true deterioration (at which point we’d repair it or take it out of circulation), the yard ramp will function just fine.

After Evaluation: Rejected
This is too much rust!

Which brings us to how we evaluate the condition of each and every yard ramp we offer for rent and for sale. A number of factors contribute to our categorization, including age of the ramp and its structural condition.

(We use the term “structural” as a main determining factor; in our experience, we offer some ramps that look more worn than that photo above on the right, and they continue to serve our customers safely and efficiently.)

After our inspection of each ramp, we list them with one of five conditions:


Direct from the factory or parked at one of our depots, this ramp is no more than six months old. It includes safety chains and a mobility device (if applicable). There are no blemishes other than limited oxidation from normal exposure. Hand-cranks or hydraulic systems are new and function as such.
The same as “New” but it left the factory more than six months ago (and/or has been parked inside and shows little aging). It includes safety chains and mobility device (if applicable). There are no blemishes other than limited oxidation from normal exposure. Hand-cranks or hydraulic systems are also like new and function as such.
The same as “Like New” but this ramp has been parked outside and has normal oxidation. In every other way it’s terrific.
The same as “Excellent” but this ramp is probably 4-15 years old. It shows reasonable wear and tear. Hand cranks or hydraulic pumps may require general maintenance but no major repairs. Its mobility device (if applicable) and safety chains are included.
The same as “Very Good” but this ramp shows its age and use like a grizzled warrior. Buyer may need to purchase or fabricate a missing mobility device or set of safety chains. General maintenance to hydraulics would be highly recommended (really, for any used ramp to establish a maintenance baseline before using). Some repairs may be in order: dried out gaskets or hoses, a bent section of deck or apron, a few spot welds. Though a little long in the tooth and not the prettiest, it is structurally sound and will provide a reasonable number of additional years of service.

If and when we colonize the moon, The Yard Ramp Guy wants to set up a lunar branch office. Our inventory would remain pristine there. Rust feeds on oxygen, and there’s no oxygen on the moon. Which means no rust on our yard ramp inventory.

Until then, we’re grateful to operate here, where there’s oxygen. Makes it easier to plan the day.


Yard Ramp: 6 Months Old
Yard Ramp: 6 Months Old

Yard Ramp: One Year Old.
Same Yard Ramp: 6 Months Later

Efficient Yard Ramp Repair

The Yard Ramp Guy: Customer Service
Repairing a Damaged Yard Ramp

Making Lemonade

When a mobile yard ramp in circulation sustained damage, The Yard Ramp Guy was on the case.

The ramp in question, a rental, is currently in Brooklyn, and our headquarters are just outside of Chicago. That’s some 700 miles and one hour’s time zone difference. How to efficiently get that repaired? Telephone, email, knowing how to qualify the right craftsmen, and building relationships.

The Challenge:
The support crossbeam connector brace under the ramp had bent, sustaining damage during a repositioning and compromising the integrity of the support legs and wheels. The hand-crank gear box was stripped and the crank handle broken and torn. The short term for this is “user abuse.”

The Approach:

We confirmed availability of replacement parts with the manufacturer. Through our network of turnkey service partners, we contracted a worthy welder. We confirmed with both welder and current renter a date and time. We secured the delivery of replacement parts.

The welding team first removed the compromised leg assembly and connector brace from the ramp.

Beginning the Repair
Removing the Damage

The team then spot welded the new leg assembly and new connector brace, measuring to assure equal height on both sides of the ramp. We appreciated the cautious approach of the welding team, which contacted us during the repair to confirm removal of an extra shaft on the hand crank assembly. We also kept the factory representative in California close-by via phone conversations directly with the welder.

Securing the New Yard Ramp Leg Assembly
Securing the Replacement Leg Assembly

The team applied a comprehensive weld.

Yard Ramp Repair: A Comprehensive Weld
Sparks Flying for All the Right Reasons

The customer tested the integrity of the job through a repositioning of the ramp.

The Results:
The yard ramp has now returned to its strong, intended integrity. The new hand crank mechanism raises and lowers the leg assembly smoothly. The new connector brace is straight. The yard ramp is again a strong, safe piece of equipment that will offer many more years of use.

Yard Ramp Repair: Complete
Communication: The Key to a Successful Repair