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A very large ramp the U.S. Navy's Military Sealift Command utilizes to load and offload for various deployments. The lettering at right indicates a capacity of 160,000 pounds. You need one of these, give us a call and we'll see what we can do. (U.S. Navy photo by Paul Farley)

Perspective from our Manufacturers

We're honored by our partnerships with: Bluff Manufacturing of Ft. Worth, Texas; Mid-State Ramps of Denton, North Carolina; and Quality Material Handling (QMH) of Riverside, California. All three make outstanding quality products and are the leading makers of yard ramps in the United States.

We trust their expertise, their products, their strategies. And we appreciate their insights on the Who What Where When Why and How of yard ramps.

As our friends at Bluff describe the basics:

The two basic applications for yard ramps are (1) ground to trailer and (2) ground to top of dock. The ground to trailer approach is used to load and unload product while ground to top of dock is used to bring equipment into the warehouse or equipment down to street level.

(That link above is well worth the click. It describes in detail why measurements matter for "equipment to function at its finest.")

Over at QMH, Stephanie recently posted a great piece on the why yard ramps are superior to concrete ramps.

The broad-stroke version is that, while concrete ramps will virtually handle whatever weight you load onto them, you can move portable yard ramps "anywhere within your shipping and receiving yard, which ensures that the forklifts you use can gain quick access to shipping containers or trailers."

She begins, though, with the why of things:

'Maintaining warehouse efficiency is crucial to growing your business and increasing the amount of revenue you bring in. Among the most important aspects of warehouse efficiency involves the loading and unloading operations that occur around the docking area. If you have a productive docking area, it’s likely that your warehouse is well-optimized for efficiency."

And we also received, a great, much appreciated shout-out in that entry: "One business that purchased yard ramps from The Yard Ramp Guy stated that their employees were grateful for not having to unload all of their trucks in the snow, heat, cold, and rain because of these ramps."

Here's the full testimonial from that customer:

This week, our man McCoy Fields summons his inner Doctor Doolittle for a fascinating tale of bird chat.

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